New Website Highlights

Please take some time to explore our new site completely. There have been lots of updates and enhancements! Below are a few highlights of some changes and reminders to get you started…

  • Statewide contact listings and referral forms: Visitors can now access our statewide contact listings and referral forms on the same page. With one click on “connect to us” OR “contact us” visitors will be brought to our statewide contact page and a map of Vermont, from there they simply click the county of choice and will be brought to a complete listing of all SASH staff contacts, staff partners, and referral contacts.

~Please remember… Our contact pages and listings will only remain accurate with your help. Be sure to keep us posted when you, or a team member, needs to update contact information. Including new hire, an employee leaving, or a change in contact for your referral area. You can access the update from from our “Staff Resources” page.


  • Resources from SASH Admin Team: For tools and resources shared by SASH Admin (including the program manual, paper assessments, marketing & library materials), go to our “Staff Resources” page and scroll to the appropriate link.


  • SASH Forum: To obtain or share information with fellow SASH staff, team members or partners visit our SASH forum, which is now part of our website. Accessed through the “staff Resources” page


  • SASH Calendar: Here you will find all SASH trainings, community events and professional development opportunities, visit our new calendar page.
    • We welcome all partners to submit relevant events on our SASH Calendar by clicking “Add Event” in the upper left corner of the calendar. Once submitted it will take up to two days for admin staff to approval and publish event.


  • Statewide SASH job listings can be found on every web page in the top navigation bar.
    • Please let us know ([email protected]) when you have a position to fill, as well as when it can be removed. The page will only remain useful if it is up-to-date

Take time to look around the site and let us know what you think! Any questions, comments, or edits can be sent directly to Beth at [email protected]