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SASH in the News

Brattleboro Housing Partnerships Celebrates 10 years of SASH

Support and Services at Home (SASH) is celebrating 10 years of success statewide, offering services to help keep older adults and people with disabilities healthy, living independently, and enjoying better quality of life.

SASH in the News

Forbes Magazine Highlights SASH as a Way to Reduce Medical Costs for Older Adults

Forbes magazine presents SASH as a model for other states to emulate, honing in on the latest federal evaluation showing significant savings in Medicare/Medicaid costs, as well as happier, healthier people.

SASH in the News

Federal Study Links SASH to Medicaid Savings for Long-Term Care

A new federal evaluation of Vermont’s groundbreaking “Support and Services at Home” (SASH) program, released July 12, 2019, shows significantly slower growth in the cost of long-term institutional care for very low-income SASH participants compared to non-participants.

SASH in the News

SASH Featured in U.S. News & World Report

SASH participant Jeanne Daley is featured in an article in U.S. News about her overall improvement in health and emotional well-being since moving into a residence where SASH is offered.

SASH in the News

SASH Shown to Reduce Costs for Emergency Department and Specialist Visits

A study published in the national HUD research journal Cityscape identifies the traits of SASH groups (“panels”) that have the biggest bang when it comes to reducing Medicare expenditures.

RecognitionSASH in the News

SASH Receives 2016 National Award for ‘Excellence in Program Innovation’

SASH received the 2016 Award for Excellence in Program Innovation from the American Public Health Association (APHA) and Archstone Foundation during its 2016 annual meeting in Colorado.

SASH in the News

SASH Fellows Program Provides One-of-a-Kind Training for UVM Medical Students

A geriatric fellowship through the University of Vermont Center on Aging provides UVM medical students important insight into the social dynamics that influence a person’s health.

SASH in the News

Support and Services at Home (SASH) Model Called a ‘Success Story’

Noting that most older adults want to age independently in their homes and communities, yet most homes and communities can’t safely and affordably accommodate this desire, a 2016 report by the Bipartisan Policy Center recommends increasing the availability of service-enriched housing (like Vermont’s Support and Services at Home model) to improve health outcomes in seniors while cutting the growth in Medicare expenditures.

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