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Downstreet Shares: Fostering a New Start through SASH

Written by Ryan Moritz, Director of Development and Communications for Downstreet and featured in their 2023 Annual Report. Photo and story courtesy of Downstreet.

SASH® (Support and Services at Home) is designed to provide older adults and people with disabilities the support they need to maintain stable housing and improve health outcomes. One of Downstreet’s SASH participants was being hospitalized for inpatient psychiatric treatment up to three times per month, but this year, a new chapter unfolded under their SASH Coordinator’s guidance. Together, they embarked on a mission to reduce hospital visits and foster a more stable, fulfilling life.

Their strategy was comprehensive and tailored to the participant’s needs. They devised a community support plan, outlining essential contacts and resources, including mental health hotlines to emergency services. Weekly check-ins became a regular part of their work, providing a safe and reliable space for the participant.

But the journey didn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of social connection in mental well-being, SASH facilitated a volunteer position for the participant at Rainbow Bridge Community Center. This role not only combated isolation but also addressed questions surrounding sexual identity, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The road to success was paved with challenges, but both the participant and SASH rose to the occasion. Through unwavering dedication and hard work, the participant underwent a profound transformation. Behavioral patterns shifted, and a newfound willingness to seek support early emerged.

The results spoke volumes: in 2023, the participant’s hospital visits dwindled to just two instances—a stark contrast to the previous monthly average. It was a triumph not only in terms of numbers but also in reclaiming agency over one’s life and mental health.

The participant’s success story with SASH showcases the profound impact of personalized care, resilience, and community support in navigating the complexities of mental health challenges.


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