SASH Intranet

This section is full of tools and resources to help SASH teams and partners collaborate and improve the SASH experience — and outcomes — for participants and for ourselves. All are encouraged to use the SASH Forum to share information, tips and techniques that you find useful!

SASH Forum: This is an information-exchange site for SASH team members and partners. Take advantage of this useful section to seek and share information that will benefit and support SASH staff, partners and participants.

Tools & Resources:

  • SASH Manual
  • Docsite/Paper Assessment
  • Trainings (including archived recordings and training materials for new staff)
  • Healthy Living Planning
  • Memory Care
  • Presentations
  • Wellness Nurse Tools
  • SASH Coordinator Tools
  • Statewide Professional-Development Trainings
  • SASH Library
  • SASH marketing and PR materials

SASH Training & Event Calendar (or choose new WordPress calendar)

SASH Team Member Update Form:
** Please Note: It is important to submit this form ASAP when team members are hired, leave or change contact information AND whenever there has been a change in your county’s referral process.

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